demo outside the “Policing the Borders” conference at the Cavendish
Conference Centre, 22 Duchess Mews, London W1G 9DT (nearest tube: Oxford Circus) on Tuesday 23rd March at 2.30pm.

This Tuesday representatives of the European Border Agency FRONTEX,
various UK police forces and the Identity and Passport Service are
gathering in central London for a conference under the title “Policing
the Border”.

The conference, which claims to secure the border against “illegal
immigration” and terrorism, will also be attended by representatives of
many security companies and feature an exhibition about border security
and surveillance.
Together these companies and agencies create a Fortress Europe where
every year thousands of people in the desert, in the Mediterranean Sea
and in the Atlantic Ocean die try to enter. Furthermore their policies
and actions deny basic rights to millions of “undocumented migrants”
within Europe, and help to create
an atmosphere of suspicion where everyone is under surveillance for unnamed “crimes”.

London No Borders is fundamentally opposed to a world in which
people are denied their freedom of movement because of the colour of
their skin, their bank balance, or their nationality.

Un-police the border! Freedom of movement for all!