Dear comrades

On the occasion of the European Summit, celebrated in the Spanish State due to the rotating presidency of the EU, an anticapitalist and antiauthoritarian group has decided not to remain silent in view of the provocations the power in charge of the world crisis has implemented. We are ready to denounce the hypocrisy and the falsity of those who govern and to make hear the voice of the oppressed ones by any means necessary.

During this June, leaders of different countries will come to Barcelona, among them members of the European Union or other states, such as Israel and Egypt, in order to treat topics like immigration, energy, trading, social control, tourism… This set of meetings does not have any other goal than to consolidate their power and manage the economic crisis inherent in the capitalist system to support the social peace.

From this anticapitalist group, we would like to make an international call so everybody who has the chance could come to Barcelona between May, the 29th and June, the 7th in order to fight the established powers and break the silence of the social peace.

During these days, it has been organized a set of acts, mobilizations and talks which make an anti-summit days, reflecting on immigration, social control, etc, topics appeared in the official summit but the other way round, dealing with the autonomous, libertarian and combative point of view. From this group we invite all partners to join the efforts and organize themselves against the established system.

Salute and keep on fighting!