Stop Deportation, along with other groups in Europe, are proposing a
European Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine, with a focus
on joint European mass deportation flights and Frontex. The proposed
date is the first week of June 2010, 1st-6th.

The idea is that groups and campaigns throughout Europe organise
their own direct actions, demos and marches against forcible
deportations from European countries, which are increasingly carried
out through joint coordinated ‘operations’ involving private
contractors and shadowy agencies like Frontex and the IOM. Protests
will inevitably take a variety of shapes but a series of coordinated,
decentralised actions and protests would make the message clearer and
louder. A week, rather than a day, of action would allow groups more
flexibility to do what they want to do.

By trying to widen the scope and diversity of the groups involved,
we also want to draw attention to the fact that anti-deportation is not
a ‘single issue campaign’. People choose or are forced to migrate for a
variety or reasons, from wars and armed conflicts fuelled by the arms
trade and western interests, through poverty, exploitation,
discrimination, gender oppression, domestic and state violence, to
climate change.

If your group/campaign would like to get involved, whether through
helping coordinate or publicise the week of action or by organising
your own action or protest in your local area, please get in touch
(needless to say, if you’re planning an unaccountable/arrestable
action, you probably wouldn’t want to get in touch!). The machine is
growing and getting stronger, and so must the resistance against it!

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